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Exact recommendations what to eat

What to eat and what not to eat during gastrointestinal diseases?

Exact recommendations – What to eat and what not to eat during gastrointestinal diseases?


Recommended: Beef, veal, chicken, rabbit, turkey lean, cooked, meat-minced meat without tendons, fascia, skin, steamed cutlet, cooked meat pate.

Not recommended: beef, lamb, duck, goose fat, fried and smoked meats, sausages, canned food.


Recommended: Cooked low-fat varieties: cod, perch, carp, carp, farga; Caviar (1-2 times a week not more than 20 grams).

Not recommended: fatty varieties, rich fish broth, smoked fish, canned fish.

Milk product

Recommended: raw milk, milk powder, fermented, fresh cottage cheese, sour (squeezed), low-fat cheese.

Not recommended: smoked cheese, sour cream or sour cream, ice cream, chocolate.

Soup dishes

Recommended: greens soup, cereal (mango, rice, barley, oatmeal, buckwheat) soup, vegetable puree, soup with vermicelli or pasta.

Not recommended: meat, fish, mushrooms, vegetables (especially cabbage) and rich broth, borscht, sauces.


Recommended: no more than two pieces a day, steamed, omelette or soup, steamed protein dishes.

Not recommended: hard-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs.

Bread, cereals

Recommended: white dry (baked the day before) bread, white biscuits, water-based porridges (mango, rice, barley, buckwheat, oats), boiled vermicelli or finely chopped pasta.

Not recommended: black bread, white freshly baked bread, pastries, pies, pancakes, confectionery.


Recommended: potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, beets, early pumpkin, zucchini, lettuce, boiled or steamed pudding or puree, finely chopped dill.

Not recommended: raw vegetables, onions, garlic, radishes, currants, sour cream, spinach, canned food, pickles, spicy spices: pepper, mustard, mustard, vinegar.

Fruits, berries

Recommended: ripe, sweet varieties, grated, boiled, jelly, mousse

Not recommended: orange, watermelon, grapes, pomegranate, grapefruit, fennel, lemon, plum.


Recommended: weak tea with milk or cream, ascidian juice, freshly squeezed juices of fruits, berries and vegetables, grated fruits and berries (sweet varieties), compotes, jellies.

Not recommended: black coffee, carbonated drinks, borax.

Prohibited: Wine, alcohol and very cold drinks.

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