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Protein is an organic substance consisting of a chain of amino acids. Proteins are the basis of muscle tissue. The growth of muscle tissues requires a positive nitrogen balance. In addition, proteins mean the type of sports nutrition, which consists of concentrated proteins.

Protein is the most popular and effective food supplement for active sports and bodybuilding people. Its complex is a sports nutrition supplement with high protein content, the concentration of which reaches 70-95%. Proteins in the body are broken down into amino acids, from which the protein molecules of the body are synthesized, which are the necessary building material for muscle tissues. Protein amino acids also prevent muscle breakdown during increased loads and promote their active growth. In the case of a deficiency of any essential amino acid, the protein synthesis necessary for the body is inhibited, without which the growth of muscle tissue cannot occur!

If you’ve been exercising to lose weight, you’ll definitely need to take protein supplements. The fact is that the degradation of fatty acids takes place only under the influence of proteins. At the same time, the process of assimilation of proteins requires 30% more energy expenditure from the body than the assimilation of carbohydrates and fats. In order to compensate for the increased energy costs, the body begins to use energy reserves – the active consumption of adipose tissue begins to compensate for the body’s needs. Simply put, fat burning is impossible without protein.

For a person engaged in sports, it is ideal to receive proteins in the following proportion: 50% through food and 50% through supplements. However, as practice shows, it is quite difficult to get the required amount of proteins through food, so special supplements remain the main source of proteins.

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